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In selected countries, we provide our best payment method — Easy bank transfer. It is far more convenient than other options and cheaper than other fast methods like card transactions.

Card Payments

We currently support debit cards issued by major banks across the world. We do not support prepaid cards, nor credit cards; however, this may change in the future.

Manual Bank Transfer

We currently support SEPA and Faster payments manual bank transfers. This method is less convenient and slower than the other methods, but definitely the cheapest one.

How it works?


Transactions made typically settle in seconds.


If you care about speed, always choose Easy bank payments (GBP), or card payments if your banks don’t yet support Easy payments. Manual bank transfers take longer and can only settle during working hours.

Automated Transactions

Card Payments / Open Banking

Up to 5 minutes

GBP Transactions

Up to 2 minutes

EUR Transactions

From 10-20 minutes up to one working day. Payments made on Friday evening and on the weekend will be processed on the next working day.

Manual Bank Transfers / Manual Transactions

Anything from 10-20 minutes up to one working day Bank payments (EUR) in the Single Euro Payments Area are settled in sessions — there are 5-6 sessions during e day, but not all banks use all sessions for payment processing.


Usually, payments made before 12:00 noon are settled on the same day, while payments sent in the late afternoon or evening will settle on the next working day. Payments made on the weekend will be processed on the next working day or D+2.


The speed of payment processing depends on the bank which sends the payment. There are banks that are processing SEPA transfers as cross border with a value date D+2, i.e. two full working days.

There is one exception to this — if the payment is made to the same bank you use, you may experience instant settlement. This is an exception,
not a rule.


Please keep in mind that settlement times provided above are just an
estimate based on our current experience and sometimes may be
significantly longer due to circumstances beyond our control.


Manual Transfer Transactions


Per transactions up to € 2500

Easy Transfer Transactions


Per transactions up to € 2500

Debit Card Transactions


The minimum fee per transaction is € 3.49


Per transactions greater than € 2500
(0.99% on € 2500, then 0.49% on additional amount)


Per transactions greater than € 2500
(1.99% on € 2500, then 1.49% on additional amount)

Many on-ramps hide their fees by offering bad rates.

Some of them even offer «free» service.

Ramp offers the best rates and honest, low fees.



ON Ramp is available in 170+ countries and territories. We also apply an additional network processing fee to cover blockchain transaction costs. This fee profits the miners/validators, not Ramp.


Users can purchase the following crypto assets:


United States

We are currently working on adding more new assets, but we are very selective as adding them is a big investment. If you think some asset may be a good fit for Ramp, please let us know!

And many more are coming as well!
Interested in listing your token?
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You can track a transaction process second by second

Most transactions done via ON Ramp settle in seconds, not hours. But some payment methods such as manual bank transfers can take longer. If you need to check the status of your transaction, you can do it by looking at the transaction summary page.


You can get the link to your transaction summary at the end of the transaction process. You will also receive an e-mail with transaction details linked to your purchase receipt.

There is no way to change or cancel your transaction

Once the transaction is initiated and the swap is created, it should not be changed or cancelled. Once the transaction is paid for, it is irrevocable and irreversible. All this is happening on the blockchain and such transactions are final by their very nature.


As long as the transaction has not been paid for, you can just abandon it and create a new one, but your access to ON Ramp can get restricted if you do that notoriously.

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