OTC Business

We offer high volume transactions in OTC format and reliable protection for the movement of large amounts of clients’ funds by fully complying with all requirements for KYB / AML procedures, created in partnership with one of the best custody services in the world — These transactions are available across the globe to verified Blockshield customers, without

location restrictions, 24×7. A first-class team of managers from major banking  nd financial institutions will select the best deals with the best terms for you. They will provide you with a complete picture of the market situation that you can leverage and profit from.


  • Digital Asset Service Blockshield
  • Conducting Large Bitcoin Buy / Sell Deals
  • Price Change Protection


  • Digital Asset Service Blockshield
  • Custody Protection
  • Conducting Seamless & Hassle
    — free international transactions
  • Best Price Guarantee

Digital Asset Swap Yield Provider