Meet Blockshields VC Lab


VC lab was launched in 2016 and — investing only our money — has co-operated with 47 deals.
Here are the rules it currently runs by:
  • Financial returns: While some corporate VC firms may acquire startups for strategic reasons, is focused on achieving a high return.
  • Clean term sheets: puts almost no restrictions on its investments
  • Main investor: VC & partners is leading more investment rounds (and it’s increased its check size to $250k vs. $2m in the first 3 years)
Startups benefit from the machine
We invests in cutting-edge technology across industries from biotech to robotics to productivity to cybersecurity.
Per Crunchbase, a startup that receives a check gets “Engine” behind it, including:
  • Buying the startup’s services
  • Integrating the technology into existing ecosystem (blockchain frameworks and protocols)

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